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Jake S - San Diego

Jake S – San Diego

Jake S.
San Diego, CA

Top notch lawyer and superb customer service. Jeff was 1 of many lawyers I met with to discuss my situation and is who I ended up hiring. His knowledge was on point and his advice was always honest, never worded to make me happy just gave me the truth. He also did everything he could to me it as inexpensive as possible. He recommended several options he could
Move forward with that would be cost efficient for me which I found to be a rare quality among family law attorneys. I would recommend any and all that need help to see him. In fact I recently gave a close friend of mine his number and told him he wouldn’t be disappointed. Ended up getting what I needed done in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost I had originally anticipated.

Jordan K - San Siego

Jordan K – San Siego

Jordan K.
San Diego, CA

My experience with Mach Law began when I reached out for help with a domestic violence case and to make a temporary restraining order permanent. I am someone who is strong but gets pushed around and taken advantage of by those I have loved but shouldn’t have. When I first came in I was so nervous but felt immediately calmed by Julia who is the legal assistant that helped me with all my paperwork and general questions. She was SO HELPFUL and kind. Every interaction I have with her to do with my case I feel supported, advocated for, stronger minded, and confident that I am doing the right thing by standing up for myself.
Jeff was and is really amazing. He is very smart, and very quick to get things handled in the right way, right away. He made me feel secure in an atmosphere where the tension was sky high, and that meant a lot to me. He worked with me and my anxieties about the case and made sure to listen to what I needed and do everything he could to make it happen. Raj was also a huge help and a very supportive advocate for me alongside Jeff. Thank you to everyone at Mach Law I definitely couldn’t have done this alone, and your continued help is a blessing.

Pete J - Del Mar

Pete J – Del Mar

Pete J.
Del Mar, CA

Jeff was an absolute professional during the whole process. He did an excellent job of educating and keeping myself informed so I never felt overwhelmed. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal help.

Brian S - San Diego

Brian S – San Diego

Brian S.
San Diego, CA

Nice guy. He was upfront about not having experience with the particular aspects of my case (it’s complicated), but was gracious enough to offer some general advice and provide referrals.

Beeza B - San Francisco

Beeza B – San Francisco

Beeza B.
San Francisco, CA

My experience with this law office has been very positive. I met with Jeffery Mach earlier this week for a consultation regarding a family law issue that Ive been dealing with. I found him to be professional, knowledgeable and generous. He definitely seems like an ethical and trustworthy individual who genuinely looks out for the best interest of his clients. I should also mention that the rest of the staff is great too. I would strongly encourage anybody reading these reviews to give Mach Law a call to see for yourself how they may assist you with whatever situation your dealing with.

Shannon D - Carlsbad

Shannon D – Carlsbad

Shannon D.
Carlsbad, CA

Jeff Mach is a fantastic attorney. He advocated for my family and represented us well. I can’t recommend Jeff and his team enough! They continue to support me with questions and provide assistance to finalize my case. Great team!

Adam M - La Mesa

Adam M – La Mesa

Adam M.
La Mesa, CA

Well I’m finally getting around to writing a review for Jeff and his team…I first retained Jeff (2010) soon after my son was born and given a different last name due to confusion of who the child belonged too. After doing a paternity test and confirming he in fact was my son Jeff came in and helped with adding me to the birth certificate and removing my exes new husband, changing the last name of my son, getting visitation rights and so forth…when it came down to it I was given what was rightfully mine and I didn’t have to deal with the stress that goes into these types of things.

I retained Jeff in 2015 but between each retaining he always took my calls, guided me through tough times and and counseled me on what to do or what not to do.

In 2015 an incident in the home where my son lived proved to unsafe for my son and cps was involved. They gave my son to me and my life significantly changed. I was a full time employee, student and now father. I was to now protect my son from those who should have been doing that already. I retained Jeff and he helped me out again. I now have full custody of my son, and the ex has supervised visits.

There isn’t enough thanks that I can give to Mach Law as Jeff and his team were there to make my life easier when the times were tough. I would recommend anyone to hire Jeff.

Thank you Jeff for everything you have done.

Erica R - San Diego

Erica R – San Diego

Erica R.
San Diego, CA

I used Jeff’s services for my custody case and would do the same again. Jeff and Riley were efficient and responsive. Jeff took the stress out of my situation and made sure everything ran smooth. Also very honest with billing time. Would recommend to anyone in need.

Karen S - San Diego

Karen S – San Diego

Karen S
San Diego, CA

My custody situation has been the most draining situation any mother could be put in. I had what I thought could be called an Attoney the first time I walked into court, he did nothing but hurt the situation even more. So after that I was blessed to be pointed into the direction of Mach Law! Riley and Jeff got to business right away.

I was in this battle for over a year till They came along; and the second they were retained they got to work on my case. They didn’t waste time with anything. Riley had even found out that my “first Attoney” if you even want to use that word wasn’t doing what he should of!

Jeff might look like he’s innocent but in the court room he’s a bulldog! He didn’t let his Attoney attempt to get away with anything. He’s very clever and does a ton of research before hand. After court I walked away with almost everything I was asking for, the one thing I didn’t get was out of any attorneys hands because the law protected the other party. So needless to say in less then 4 months after finding MACH LAW and having my child where he belongs, with winning a majority of what I was asking for… It was a total win for me to find this dynamic duo!

If you are wanting your case handled fast; efficiently; and win then look no father then MACH LAW

E M - North Hollywood

E M – North Hollywood

E M.
North Hollywood, CA

As attorneys, Jeff and I have worked together on several projects on a contract basis. Not only is he an incredibly nice guy, but he’s a conscientious and caring professional who truly takes pride in his work. On each project, Jeff would ask all the pressing questions you could think of, and would make sure that his clients’ interests were not only preserved, but well served.

Highly recommend to anyone looking for a family law attorney. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other better out there.

Marisela M - San Diego

Marisela M – San Diego

Marisela M.
San Diego, CA

I called Jeff after being served with Custody Papers where Father was asking for Full Legal Custody,Change of Visitation & was requesting that our Daughter not be a part of her half brothers life. Jeff made arrangements to meet with me same day & gave me a free consultation where he was genuinely interested in my situation. Jeff was extremely honest with me from the beginning, he got to work right away on my case and was always available to speak to me.

As my Court Date approached Jeff kept me calm and focused on what we had to do for our case. On our actual Court Date I was blown away at how great Jeff was by getting every important fact across to the judge. I couldn’t be happier with the final outcome: Father was not awarded Full Legal Custody, Father did not get any more custody time with our Daughter, & the Judge made no order stating our Daughter could no longer see her Half Brother!

I highly recommend Jeff & his Paralegal for anyone dealing with a High Conflict Case.

Thank you Jeff & Riley! You guys are the Best.

Robert T - San Diego

Robert T – San Diego

Robert T.
San Diego, CA

I have had the need in my life to retain a family law attorney twice and I also worked for one in the early 80,s. I must say that jeff is externally knowledgeable and thorough. I had several questions over 2 phone conversations, jeff called me back even after the office was closed and got me the info I needed to compete my task. Great guy, great atty. You will be very pleased if you utilize his services.

Brendan B - San Diego

Brendan B – San Diego

Brendan B.
San Diego, CA

I met with Jeff Mach – I had some detailed questions that needed to get answered, and he was super accomodating. I was even late to our meeting, and he was still very gracious and provided me with a wealth of information. Trust Jeff with your Family Law needs!

Lacy S - Escondido

Lacy S – Escondido

Lacy S.
Escondido, CA

Child custody/visitation cases are always a stressful experience. I have had to modify my court order twice. My previous attorney was rude, inattentive and just plain didn’t care. I was just dollar signs to him. Jeff Mach has been a breath of fresh air. He and his staff answered all my question promptly. I was kept in the loop and was always aware of how the case was progressing. I felt at all times that Jeff cared what happened to my daughter and took the time to put me at ease. Jeff was very empathetic and “human” all the while being very aggressive in court. He bombarded the court with evidence against my ex leaving him speechless and unable to defend himself. One of the most satisfying moments in my life. I received more than I even asked for from the judge and I owe it all to Jeff Mach. I am still smiling and sleeping like a baby at night. Hats off to you and your staff!!

Paola N - San Diego

Paola N – San Diego

Paola N.
San Diego

Best Attorney in the state of California!!
When going through any kind of legal problem and it’s your first time you don’t know where to start from. I was fortunate enough to have a friend who works in the field and when I asked her about a divorce attorney she referred me to Jeff Mach. He immediately made feel very comfortable and very at ease. Attorneys could be very expensive but, he made sure to accommodate me based on my financial situation. He made sure to answer all my million questions at every moment and made himself available at any time I needed to talk to him. My divorce went very smooth because of him and his representation in court. Four years later I keep his number handy to make sure I can refer a friend or anyone else who is going to need a professional attorney.

Evelyn A - San Diego

Evelyn A – San Diego

Evelyn A.
San Diego, CA

The best of the best, super loyal, friendly, very professional , monthly payments are available .

kim p yelp review

Kim P. – San Diego

Kim P.
San Diego, CA

I have to say the fact that I am writing a review at all on Mr. Jeff Mach is telling. I searched for a local custody lawyer on yelp and saw he had good reviews so I phoned to inquire about a consultation.

1) The phone number went directly to his personal voicemail, which shocked me – who offers this kind of access to their prospective clients…?
2) He personally returned my call only a few hours later to tell me that his practice did not work with my exact circumstances.
3) He offered to help me locate another attorney who was better suited to help me.
4) Over the next 24 hours, he called me after hours TWICE leaving voicemails both times doing just that…

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion you probably want this guy on your side. Seems like an amazingly dedicated business professional, stellar on integrity

Evelyn A. San Diego

Evelyn A. – San Diego

Evelyn A.
San Diego, CA

The best of the best, super loyal, friendly, very professional , monthly payments are available .

Henry - San Diego

Henry – San Diego

Henry J.
San Diego, CA

I cannot write a high enough review for Jeff Mach and his support staff. The knowledge, work ethic, and service of this firm is unmatched in San Diego. I have been to several other firms in San Diego regarding divorce, and found billing to be a huge surprise, harsh, and just unethical. Jeff really works for his clients, and is by far the sharpest attorney who is fair with billing and just a good person to deal with. It is a leap of faith sometimes when you find yourself needing an attorney. For me, working with these guys really made me know I made the right decision. I definitely recommend him to friends.

nar san diego

Nar C. – San Diego

Nar C.
San Diego, CA

Jeff Mach really goes above and beyond for his clients. I’ve seen him in action and he is effective, knowledgeable, and aggressive. Very professional and seriously committed to getting the best outcome for his clients. I consider him one of San Diego top attorneys. If you have a family law issue, you’re gunna want Jeff on your side.

Yen. B San Diego

Yen. B – San Diego

Yen B.
San Diego, CA

Mach Law exceeded my expectations and made me feel calm as possible all throughout my custody case. He told me what is to be expected in a manner that didn’t discourage me. That even if nothing is ever guaranteed, he assured me that he will help get things done. His compassion for his clients is over the top which made me respect him even more.

Jeff Mach and his team are very reliable. I am very grateful for being recommended to him and I would recommend him to everyone I know.

Katie H. - San Diego

Katie H. – San Diego

Katie H.
San Diego, CA

Best thing I have ever done for myself was go to Jeff at Mach Law. He is the best attorney that San Diego has ever seen. Not only is he intelligent and knowledgeable, he is also honest, caring, and very personable. He works hard and goes above and beyond for his clients. Jeff gives great advice and will always look out for your best interest. He remains calm under pressure and stressful situations. I have and always will recommend him to all of my friends and family. If you need an attorney, Jeff at Mach Law is the one you want to call. He is amazing!