Child Adoption

To establish a legal parent-child relationship with a non-biological child, one must file for adoption. This is a legal process that grants an adult the legal rights and responsibilities of a child that they adopt. The adult may be unrelated to the child, a relative of the child, or the spouse or domestic partner of the child’s biological parent. A legal adoption would remove the rights of one or both of the birth parents, depending on the type of adoption. Adopting a child is a step that will forever change you and your family’s life. The decision to adopt a child is made in order to provide a better life for all parties, but most importantly, the child.

Helping San Diego Parents Adopt

Helping San Diego Parents Adopt

There are many types of adoption to formally become the parent of a child, including but not limited to, private adoptions, international adoptions, step-parent adoptions and foster care adoptions.

The delicate process of adopting a child, whether it is a private adoption or through another avenue, requires great attention to detail to address complex legal issues. If you are thinking of adopting a child, you and your family will benefit tremendously from the guidance and assistance of our experienced attorneys. We are devoted to making the adoption process as smooth and stress-free as possible for your family.

Adult Adoption

An adult adoption is the process of establishing a legal relationship between a parent and an adult child who is over 18 years of age. The adopting parent may be unrelated to the adult child, a relative of the adult child, or the spouse or domestic partner of the adult child’s biological parent. Many times, a new spouse may want to adopt the adult child of his or her spouse. Adult adoption requires formal legal proceedings that are different from minor child adoptions.

How We Can Help Your Family Grow

When it comes to making an addition to your family you need an attorney who is highly experienced in adoption proceedings and committed to achieving your goals. We provide high quality legal advocacy focused on minimizing the delays you may encounter in the process. You and your family want to begin enjoying this new and exciting chapter as soon as possible. Mach Law understands the urgency and importance of making these changes happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us for a free consultation to inquire about how we can help make your adoption proceedings an effective and positive process.

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Mach Law is dedicated to serving San Diego’s family law needs. You may be overwhelmed or going through a difficult time and we would be honored to be at your side to advocate on your behalf and guide you through the legal process. Let us help you and your loved ones. Contact us for all of your questions regarding family law with a free consultation by giving us a call at (619) 398-3468 today.