Child support is often one of the core issues in a divorce involving children. Mach Law understands the emotional stress that you may be facing, especially when it comes to your children who can be greatly affected by a divorce, separation or change in guardianship.

The financial support that your children require is one of utmost importance and we take pride in serving our client’s child support needs.

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Child Support Attorney in San Diego

In California, the determination of child support is based on statewide guidelines that rely on the principle that the parents of a minor child are responsible for financially supporting their minor child or children. Some of the factors that California courts use to determine the appropriate amount of child support includes but is not limited to:

  • How much money the parents earn or can earn;

  • How much other income each parent receives, such as rent;

  • How many children these parents have together;

  • How much time each parent spends with their children (time-share);

  • The actual tax filing status of each parent;

  • Support of children from other relationships;

  • Health insurance expenses;

  • Mandatory union dues;

  • Mandatory retirement contributions;

  • The cost of sharing daycare and uninsured health-care costs.

The attorneys at Mach Law have a wealth of experience negotiating a fair out-of-court settlement with respect to child support. In the event an agreement cannot be reached between the parties, then our experienced attorneys will protect you and your children’s rights in court and obtain a child support order from a judge.

In some cases, obtaining child support can be a battle that requires a firm and aggressive approach. In some cases, a parent is unwilling to comply with child support orders. Our goal is to help you if you encounter such a dispute.

We have a wealth of experience handling child support matters and will ensure that you receive the appropriate amount of child support, as determined by California Child Support Guidelines. While this may be a road to which there seems to be no end, you can trust Mach Law to vigorously advocate for you.

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