Couples that may be experiencing problems in their marriage can benefit from some legal distance from each other. Rather than terminating your marriage, you and your spouse may choose to seek a legal separation instead. This allows the individuals some time to contemplate whether or not to file for divorce and legal options that you may find appealing (such as preserving health insurance for your spouse).

Division of assets, debts, and the determination of child custody are issues that may come up during a legal separation. We are here to help you with those issues.

legal separation

During a legal separation, neither party may remarry or enter a domestic partnership. However, after allowing some distance by requesting a legal separation, if one of the individuals decides that a divorce is the fitting solution, that person may file for the divorce, without the agreement of their spouse.
Mach Law specializes in finding the right solution to help you reach a decision. Our caring and expert staff has all of the information and answers you need to help settle some of the distress you may be feeling.

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