Taking the California Bar Exam? Make Sure You Know About This Important Requirement!

For those of you who read this blog with aspirations of one day becoming a licensed attorney in the state of California yourself, be wary of the multiple requirements and qualifications set forth by the California State Bar.

In addition to various other requirements and qualifications that you must meet before you can sit for the exam, the California State Bar requires that any applicants to the bar also “not be reported as in arrears with child or family support payments.”  That means that if you are planning to take the California bar exam anytime soon, make sure you are up to date with your payments on any child support or spousal support orders that are in effect.

If you have questions about child support or spousal support orders, it is important to speak to an experienced family law attorney to ensure that you are up to date with any orders in effect and to make sure you are not accruing arrears that may impede or jeopardize your future.  We would appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions.